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This is an April Fools created by Brightrock Games to celebrate April Fools 2018. The Following Description is an excerpt from our "Announcement Post" for this fake project. The game is playable and contains roughly 15-30 minutes or so of "story".

A browser version is available at wftogame.com/dh

Dungeon Hearts™ is a Visual Anime Waifu Dating Dungeon Management Simulation Novel Role Playing Game (Or a VAWDDMSNRPG) that continues to progress our ambition to develop only the most genre-busting titles. In Dungeon Hearts™ you’ll assume the role of an Underlord joining the school of Kairos High, to build your harem of minions through a combination of social interaction, critical choices and good-old-fashioned dungeon management.

It’s important to clarify that this is very much a proof of concept – a flex of our muscles – and will be used as a basis for future iterations, very much in the vein of War for the Overworld’s development. In short, this is a 30-minute experience to excite the loins!

o given this is just a proof of concept, here’s what can you expect from the final version – coming soon at an indeterminate date in the future!:

  • Explore the realm of Kairos like never before – Set in a parallel universe where Mendechaus’ long-abandoned thoughts of conquest have turned instead to thoughts of love. Explore a modern Kairos as an upperclassman at Kairos High.
  • Build your harem – Pursue dozens of unique minions or even heroes, such as Raven the Succubus, Agnes the Chunder, Brian the Cultist, or Pierre the Bard – all with their own personalities and stories to discover. Build their Dungeon Heart by appealing to them with gifts, dates and even casual conversation!
  • Manage a dungeon to keep your lovers – We know how that sounds but hear us out: in Dungeon Hearts™ you’ll be able to build your own dungeon filled with all the amenities to keep your sweethearts for years to come… wait that didn’t sound any better.
  • Experience a compelling story – With over 9000 hours told across 2500 individual episodes (MSRP £29.99/$29.99/€49.99 per episode) you’ll be able to play for the rest of your life. Especially if you’re a whale!
  • Turn the adventure on its head with Hero Mode – Rather than playing as a dungeon- keeping Underlord, instead explore the story from the other perspective with Hero Mode! This will be a day-one DLC for each episode (MSRP £15.99/$15.99/€99.99 per installment) which unlocks an accompanying dungeon-crawling RPG. Placed in the polished boots of Lord O’Thelove, you’ll need to overcome various minions with your otherworldly charms!
  • Bring your lovers to War for the Overworld – By popular demand, with the Dungeon Portal you can bring your fully-hearted-up lovers to War for the Overworld to act as unique elite units – provided you build them a special room via secret room layouts.
  • Date smart not hard with gifts from Kairos-1337 – Travel between the parallel worlds works both ways! In the hotly-anticipated v2.0 update for War for the Overworld you can now earn or purchase Warboxes, which contain sets of random loot such as maps, units, dungeon themes, and even gifts for your lovers in Dungeon Hearts! Pride and accomplishment never felt so great!

Please Note:

The OSX and Linux versions have not been tested, we have no reason to believe they wouldn't work but it's possible they will not. If that's the case we apologise in advance.

The Browser Version requires either Google Chrome, Firefox or the latest version of Microsoft Edge to function properly.


Linux Package (Ubuntu) (.zip file) 237 MB
OSX Package (Zip-File) 264 MB
Windows Package (Zip-File) 244 MB

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